Potong Ice-Cream Live Station


Our latest addition and all time PIONEER ice cream…. POTONG! Grab a stick of ice cool ice cream during your event. Yummy, easy, hassle-free Potong Ice Cream for everyone. You know adults and children will enjoy them both! Have more than 1 bite out of our classic flavours such as red bean, durian, corn and more.

Inclusive of delivery and setup.

Exclude Manpower.

Servings / Duration100 Servings200 Servings300 Servings
1 Hour$230.00$260.00
2 Hours$230.00$260.00$360.00
3 Hours$290.00$360.00
Subsequent Hr$100.00

In Stock


1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, Subsequent Hr


100 Servings, 200 Servings, 300 Servings

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