Kachang Puteh Live Station


These nuts not only taste great, but they are loaded with high Protein, Fiber, Essential Fats, Minerals and did we mention, Antioxidants, which makes your daily snack healthier and lower your calories. Fill up your stomach with these Kachang Puteh (assorted nuts) and you will less likely reach for unhealthy food.

Inclusive of delivery, setup and 01 manpower for each station.

Servings / Duration100 Servings200 Servings300 Servings
1 Hour$200.00$260.00
2 Hours$230.00$260.00$360.00
3 Hours$260.00$290.00$360.00
Subsequent Hr$100.00

In Stock


1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours, Subsequent Hr


100 Servings, 200 Servings, 300 Servings

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