Hot Dog Bun Live Station


The Hot Dog Stall is perfect for both young and old! Our rental is inclusive of delivery and collection of the Hot Dog machine. Our professional staff catered to operate the Hotdog machine and serve you! Not to mention, the franks itself, together with soft buns that go perfectly well with everyone’s favourite condiments! The Hotdog Buns will be served in brown paper bags to keep them fresh from the grill!

Inclusive of delivery, setup and 01 manpower for each station.

Servings / Duration100 Servings200 Servings300 Servings
1 Hour$320.00$420.00
2 Hours$350.00$420.00$550.00
3 Hours$380.00$450.00$550.00

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1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours


100 Servings, 200 Servings, 300 Servings

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